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Masonry and Mortars

Trowel by trowel, brick by brick, Carmeuse products help build the world around us.

For over one hundred years the classic mixture of...

  • Type ”S” hydrated lime
  • Portland cement
  • Sand

…has been used to make mortars which conform to ASTM C-270 to build brick and block walls which have stood the test of time. Mortars made with Type “S” hydrated lime exhibit excellent handling and workability while in the plastic state. These mortars also impart low water penetration or leakage to the finished product along with superior unit bonding and seismic resistance. Most public and government building projects specify such “Lime-Portland” mortars because of these performance benefits.

Type “S” hydrated lime is also one of the main ingredients in stucco and interior finish plasters. The physical characteristics of the lime are important to the handling and application during construction and the quality of the finished product. Lime with high plasticity and purity meeting ASTM C-206 will make application easy and avoid long term issues such as pitting and popping of the finished product.

Carmeuse Lime and Stone's Type “S” hydrated lime products made at our Manitowoc, WI facility  and meet the requirements of ASTM C-206 and C-207 specifications.

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