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Carmeuse relies on modern production processes. Our products are used in a wide range of applications with environmental, industrial, agricultural, commercial and social benefits. The manufacturing and supply of lime and limestone continuously supports the economic development and growth of many businesses, manufacturers, service sectors and communities around us.


The Carmeuse Group owns and operates an international network of lime plants that produce quicklime, hydrated lime and limestone.   Globally, Carmeuse is one of the leading producers of lime and limestone.


Lime is a highly versatile product that is broadly used in many different industries and for many different applications. Steel manufacturing, flue gas desulfurization, water and wastewater treatment, construction, water and wastewater treatment, mining, agriculture, pulp and paper, glass making, remediation, and the chemical industry comprise the key markets that Carmeuse supplies and serves.

Steel Making – Lime and limestone are used for high quality steel production and meeting environmental requirements in EAF, BOF, QBOP, AOD, and KOBM processes.

Flue Gas Treatment – Lime and limestone products are used in a wide variety of applications for removal of pollutants from the air, mainly from utility and industrial boilers. Applications include wet and dry scrubbing systems and also dry sorbent injection. In the case of wet scrubbing, gypsum is produced as a by-product and is used to manufacture wallboard.

Construction – Lime is used for soil modification, soil stabilization, and asphalt treatment; limestone aggregate is used for base course in road construction and land development.

Drinking Water Treatment—Lime products are used for softening, pH adjustment, coagulation and flocculation, protection from corrosive waters and membrane pH adjustment.

Municipal Waste Water Treatment— Lime products are used for stabilizing biosolids, pH adjustment, adding alkalinity to biological systems and precipitating nutrients.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment— Lime products are used for stabilizing biosolids, pH adjustment, adding alkalinity to biological systems, precipitating nutrients, process water softening, metal precipitation, non-metal precipitation, and membrane pH adjustment.

Mining Water Treatment— Lime is used for pH adjustment, metal and non-metal precipitation, coagulation and flocculation, stabilizing biosolids, adding alkalinity to biological systems, process water softening and membrane pH adjustment.

Chemical Processes—Lime is used to manufacture many different types of organic and inorganic chemicals which improve the quality of our lives.  

Mining Industry— Lime is used in metallurgical ore refining in smelting and froth floatation, mining water treatment and remediation of mine sites.  

Glass Manufacturing – Lime and limestone are used for the production of soda lime glass and fiberglass.

Pulp, Paper and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate—Lime is an essential part of recycling caustic soda for the production of paper. Lime is also used to make precipitated calcium carbonate which replaces the amount of pulp needed to make paper, decreasing cost.

Remediation of Soils, Sludge and Animal Waste— Lime products are used to chemically treat contaminated soils and sludge by precipitating and encapsulating heavy metals and other impurities.  Lime is also used to dry and adjust pH of soils and sludge.  Lime is used to decrease odors and kill pathogens in animal waste.

Milled Limestone Products – Affordable and versatile solutions for roofing shingles, animal feed, flue gas desulfurization, glass, carpet, coal mine dust, construction, and oil & gas

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