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Carmeuse’s accountability results in developing best practices, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency. We are always advancing and pioneering in quarry reclamation and biodiversity. Our environmental commitment extends until our products end-use.


Carmeuse has a genuine concern for the environment around us and couples this with proven and reliable processes in the production of lime and limestone in order to preserve the environment.  This accountability is at the very heart of our “values” and at the very “height” of our goals. We at Carmeuse believe that careful, considerate, and responsible actions towards human health, natural resources, and the environment, is one of our greatest obligations as a company.


Subsequent to our strong sense of commitment and unyielding pursuit of excellence towards environmental conservation, some of Carmeuse’s best practices include:

  • Long-lasting controls focused on our energy efficiencies
  • Using the best available technologies
  • Managing carbon emissions
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of our storm water and wastewater discharges
  • Reclaiming our quarries for habitat restoration.


We use and transform natural resources-limestone, fuels, and water-in order to efficiently maximize their functional purpose, while at the same time minimizing waste. Carmeuse’s quarry operations are highly experienced and skilled in using ALL raw materials extracted from the earth.


The production of lime requires generating high temperatures for a calcining process using industrial sized kilns. Our process management results in a careful consumption of energy, water and stone.


Throughout every production phase, Carmeuse strives to implement and apply the best technology and practices towards energy use, air emissions, alternative fuels, and carbon emissions. In all of these practices, we constantly monitor the overall consumption of resources and output of emissions in order to continuously improve and advance our operations towards optimum environmental efficiencies.

One of the best examples of our monitoring practices is in our kiln operations. We have progressively increased emissions control programs and instrumentation to constantly assure conformance to industry and government regulations and to provide the cleanest conditions for the communities around us.


Again at the quarry level of our operations, Carmeuse is always evaluating, incorporating and managing restoration plans and biodiversity development programs.

We are constantly utilizing or remediating the land consumed by our production facilities in order to contribute to the preservation of natural upland or wetland ecosystems for the benefit of plants and wildlife that thrive there.


Finally, the end-use of lime and limestone in all of the different markets previously mentioned positively affects the quality of our lives every day through useful and essential products and services.

At the same time, the quality of our lives is also improved because the use of lime and limestone in many industrial applications also helps those industries meet environmental regulations in order to preserve the environment around us.

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