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Supply Chain

The mission of our Supply Chain Team is to provide unquestionable value to our internal and external customers by offering creative, cost-effective supply chain solutions that continually meet and exceed their expectations.

The Supply Chain Team is made up of four groups focused on providing excellent, personalized service to you and all of our customers:

  1. Customer Service Representatives—Customer Service Representatives specialize in providing 24/7 coverage
    • Supporting fulfillment of your lime needs including management of transportation execution for our pre-paid customers
    • Connecting you to all Carmeuse functional support experts

    For general information, 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday,
    call us at 412-995-5500-445-3930, 
    or e-mail: info@carmeusena.com

    To reach one of our customer service specialists,
    call us at 800-445-3930, 
    or e-mail: CustomerService@carmeusena.com

    For limestone product deliveries, review our locations maps and plant information to find a sales contact in your area.

  2. ​Production Planning—this group manages manufacturing strategies across the Carmeuse network to balance supply and demand dynamics, ensuring the delivery of your lime needs.
  3. Transportation Analysts—specialists in partnering with reliable, value added suppliers to support our customer’s pre-paid shipments by way of
    • Dump Trucks
    • Pneumatic Trucks
    • Flatbed Trucks
    • Rail
    • Barging
    • Lake Vessels
  4. Terminal Management—experts in 3rd party terminal management provide the capability and flexibility of positioning Carmeuse products closer to you and all of our customers
    • Utilizing rail to truck terminals to reduce replenishment lead times and maximize just in time product availability (as shown below)


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