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Recognized as a leader in the lime and limestone industry, Carmeuse provides reliable, world class support from the moment you first meet us, through our production facilities, and to your plant or project.

At Carmeuse, our company works as a TEAM with each other and with YOU to assure you‘ll realize the high-performance, cost-effective, and environmental benefits from using lime and limestone.

The entire Carmeuse Sales team, Production and Operations Specialist, Technology Center, and Supply Chain and Customer Service Departments all work closely as a unit, in order to:

  • Analyze your situation and empower you with essential information
  • Help you make good purchasing decisions relative to your needs
  • Train you in best practices towards the end-use of our products and related technology
  • Provide on-time delivery on a consistent, reliable basis
  • Answer all of your questions from a wealth of knowledge and expertise
  • Provide you with “Solutions”

Carmeuse…not just a supplier of lime and limestone products, but a partner in business.

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