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Quicklime (Calcium Oxide)

Made from high quality, natural deposits of limestone, and meeting exacting chemical and physical properties, Carmeuse has a broad range of quicklime products that provide high-performance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly attributes and benefits for a broad range of industrial applications.

Quicklime (Calcium Oxide)

In the quicklime range of products, Carmeuse has high calcium quicklime and dolomitic quicklime products.

The HIGH CALCIUM QUICKLIME is produced from limestone containing over 98% calcium carbonate.

DOLOMITIC QUICKLIME is produced from limestone containing a mixture of both calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Both high calcium quicklime and dolomitic quicklime are produced by heating raw limestone deposits in a kiln up to temperatures of 900 degrees. This process is referred to as calcination process.

The quicklime products are often ground into a fine power referred to as PULVERIZED QUICKLIME that is ideal for mixing with additives or other materials to result in specialized blended composites. Due to the chemical nature of some additives, the quicklime can become “Fluidized,” that is, having properties of being highly fluid. The fluidized quicklime is ideal for use with special material handling systems for optimum flowability and to avoid clogging.  

Quicklime can also be hydrated with water, in a process commonly referred to as slaking, resulting in HYDRATED QUICKLIME (or calcium hydroxide), a dry free flowing powder product that is practical and efficient for many uses.

Quicklime (Calcium Oxide) is used in the following industrial applications: Steel Making, FGT, Construction, Masonry & Mortars, Water Treatment, Chemical Processes, Mining Industry, Paper, Pulp and PCC, Remediation of Sludges and Wastes and Glass Manufacturing

Carmeuse’s Quicklime Product Brands Include

INJECTOLIME® -- small particles of quality dolomitic lime and high calcium lime delivered into the molten slag/metal interface using state-of-the-art injection technology in the steel industry. These particles quickly dissolve providing the steelmaker very responsive control of slag chemistry.

FERRODOLIME® -- a dolomitic pebble lime encapsulated with
iron oxide coating that reduces breakage during mechanical handling at the steel plant, and provides cost-effective and environmental benefits.

ENVIROLIME® -- a composition of limestone, lime, silica and coal flyash as a co-product generated during the production of lime. ENVIROLIME® is a highly reactive and reliable product for many applications such as an additive in asphalt and for soil stabilization and modification.

MIRACLE MORTA-LOK® -- preferred by professionals, a Type “S” mason’s hydrated lime with high elasticity, durability, water resistance, efflorescence control and workability.

MIRACLE E-Z SPREAD® -- an air-entrained Type SA hydrated masonry-stucco lime that adds elasticity and plasticity to mix and meets all national specifications including ASTM, UBC, BOCA, and SBCC.

FUSITE® -- a granular refractory dolomite with high resistance to heat to protect EAF refractory units resulting in greater technical performance and product quality.

DOLOPEL® -- a high density dolomite used for the production of refractory bricks.

DRYOX® -- typically used in the construction industry, an economical lime product for the remediation of soils, wastes and sludges.

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