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Chemical grade limestone requires demanding specifications for physical and chemical properties and consistency.  Produced at 8 locations in the Northeast region with reliable on time delivery, Carmeuse’s chemical grade limestone meets with our customer’s satisfaction in their Ironmaking processes.

  • Blast Furnace – Chemical grade limestone is utilized to produce the slag which removes impurities from the iron ore reduction process to make the liquid pig iron.
  • Pellet Production – Chemical grade limestone is pulverized and utilized in forming a fluxed iron ore pellet that is used in the blast furnace process.
  • Sinter Production – Chemical grade limestone is crushed and utilized in the sinter process to help flux iron ore and form a porous concentrated iron product used in the blast furnace process. Additional materials such as mill scale can be introduced with the iron ore and agglomerated to a final product.
  • Alternate Ironmaking Processes – In new breakthrough technology in Ironmaking, chemical grade limestone is used in some of these processes to produce a liquid iron.

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