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Vexor Engineered Fuel plant has grand opening

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Waste-to-energy facility came online in April


Contributed By: The 411 News
Original Story Posted: 06/29/2017

A fuel that replaces coal in the steel-making process is now being manufactured at the new Vexor Engineered Fuel plant in Gary. The Ohio-based company held a grand opening Wednesday for its facility that has been in operation since late April.

The plant in Gary is a result of a partnership with Vexor Technology and Carmeuse Lime & Stone. Lime, one of the main ingredients in making steel, is manufactured by heating limestone in a furnace, a process that requires the burning of coal. The VEF is a cheaper and cleaner burning substitute for coal, resulting in significantly lower emissions.

The alternative fuel has no mercury and less sulfur and chlorine than coal, so it produces less pollution than coal.

Vexor uses non-hazardous household and industrial wastes that are not permitted in landfills –from plastics to metals – to create particles that mimic the properties of coal. The plant accepts non-recyclables from municipal recycling and material recovery facilities. “Our goal is not to compete with the waste industry; but to have a symbiotic relationship. We take the non-recyclables and convert it into an engineered fuel to replace coal,” said Steve Berry, Vexor president.

The steel industry is the single largest consumer of lime in the world.

Carmeuse Lime & Stone owns and operates about 30 facilities in the United States and Canada including limestone quarries, lime plants and underground limestone mines. Vexor’s plant at 6480 Airport Road (former Industrial Hwy.) is near the Carmeuse plant in Buffington Harbor.

Berry said the plant will add a second shift by year-end.


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