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Son of Carmeuse Employee Becomes the New Face of Gerber

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Jason and Cortney Warren entered their 18-month-old son Lucas in an Instagram contest to be the 2018 Gerber "spokesbaby" after hearing about the opportunity through Lucas’ aunt and godmother. Jason works as an Over-the-Road Truck Driver for Carmeuse in Chatsworth, Ga., and they live in nearby Dawnville, Ga.

In addition to being an incredibly beautiful baby, Lucas is the first toddler with Down syndrome to be chosen by Gerber as a spokesbaby since it began selecting a yearly winner in 2010. The baby face has been a symbol of the Gerber brand since 1928.

Jason and Cortney entered Lucas' photo in the contest in September 2017. After several weeks went by, the couple forgot about their entry. Then, a winner's packet was mailed to their home on Christmas Eve.

There were more than 140,000 entries, and, according to Gerber President and CEO Bill Partyka, Lucas’ “winning smile and joyful expression won our hearts.”

Lucas is Jason and Cortney's first child and is soaking up the whole experience. Jason said, "He loves to wave and smile and just loves meeting new people."

Jason is surprised at how quickly the story became national news. "As parents, we are overjoyed that we get to share the joy of our son with everyone," he said.

The experience has been a whirlwind so far for the family with stories being published in PEOPLE magazine, Vogue and appearances on countless other media channels across the country. The family's

most memorable experience so far was their appearance on The Today Show. The trip marked Lucas and Cortney's first time to New York City and Jason's second.

Jason said he is most looking forward to seeing how many people they can touch with Lucas' smile and personality. He and Cortney hope this is an opportunity to spread awareness about special needs children and they joy they can bring to others. "We are hoping it does change how people look at children and anyone with special needs," he said.

During Lucas' tenure as the Gerber spokesbaby, Jason and Cortney will continue to submit photos for use on Gerber's social media channels, particularly for holidays and special events. The family will also be asked to attend a few corporate events throughout the year.

According to Jason, life at Carmeuse has been the same, but his coworkers are excited about his son's opportunity. "They're a great bunch of folks," he said. "It's one big family."

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