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River Rouge STEM Academy Provides Lesson on Aquaponics

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Representatives from Carmeuse visited River Rouge STEM Academy to learn about the students’ work with aquaponics, a gardening technique that allows fish and plants to grow together in one symbiotic system. The aquaponics technology is supported by Carmeuse’s partnership with the Academy.

Students at the STEM Academy gave Carmeuse employees a lesson on aquaponics, explaining that this form of gardening reduces water consumption while eliminating harsh fertilizers and pesticides by nourishing the plants. The Academy has vertical aquaponic gardens where water runs from the top to a tank at the bottom, where it is eventually recycled through the system.

Following the lesson, students presented Carmeuse’s Matthew Gower, Donna Degree-Gordon and Chad Wright with a banner of appreciation for making the aquaponics garden possible.

“We are inspired by the students’ enthusiasm for conservation education,” said Carmeuse’s Donna Degree-Gordon. “By interacting with the aquaponics gardens, students can watch an ecosystem thrive while learning about the benefits of ecofriendly agriculture.

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