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Longview Donates Landscaping to Local Elementary School.

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Carmeuse Lime & Stone’s Longview operation donated mulch and shrubbery to Central Park Elementary School in Birmingham, Ala., to help beautify its grounds in anticipation of the children returning to school this month.

In addition, Longview Maintenance Electrician Terry Phillips and his family generously donated their time to help install the landscaping at the school.

Central Park Elementary School is in an underfunded public school district that relies heavily on volunteers and donations from the community in order to create environments for children to succeed.

Carmeuse Lime & Stone is a leading manufacturer of lime and limestone products used to make steel stronger, air cleaner, roadways last longer, water more pure and waste reusable. Carmeuse products are diversely utilized across a wide range of industries including steel manufacturing, power generation, road construction and land development, water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper production, and more. Staffed by up to 2,000 employees throughout 28 production facilities in Eastern U.S. and Canada, with North America operations headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Carmeuse not only offers products, but also value-added services such as technical support, application support, and logistics support to optimize customer processes.

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