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Carmeuse Puts CAT Simulation to the Test with River Rouge STEM School

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On October 21 and 22, Carmeuse partnered with the STEM School in River Rouge to run CAT loader and bulldozer simulations with students. The teaching opportunity followed a weeklong simulation training of Carmeuse operators intended to provide a learning experience to all employees who operate both pieces of equipment.

The CAT loader and bulldozer equipment simulator provides a safe and consistent training method for teaching heavy equipment operation by combining functional hardware with simulation software replicating the daily job routines of Carmeuse operators. Following the training simulation, Carmeuse operators applied learned skills and practices to real world scenarios.

River Rouge’s Matthew Gower extended the learning experience to Carmeuse’s partner STEM School. Several students participated in the two-day experience, gaining practical skills that can be translated to vocations requiring CAT equipment operations.

“Carmeuse is committed to providing employees with safe training methods to increase safety in real world scenarios. By partnering with the STEM School, we are equipping the next generation with applicable life skills,” said Carmeuse’s Donna Degree-Gordon.

Carmeuse Lime & Stone is a leading manufacturer of lime and limestone and whose products are commonly used to benefit the environment by providing cleaner air, cleaner water and improved soil characteristics. Carmeuse products are diversely utilized across a wide range of industries including steel manufacturing, power generation, road construction, land development, glass manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper production, and more. Staffed by up to 2,000 employees throughout 28 production facilities in Eastern U.S. and Canada, with North America operations headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Carmeuse not only offers products, but also value-added services such as technical support, application support, and logistics support to optimize our customers processes.

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