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Carmeuse Provides Lime-Based Solutions at 79th Conference on Glass Problems

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Carmeuse will be exhibiting this November 5-8, 2018, at the 79th Conference on Glass Problems in Columbus, Ohio. Carmeuse will provide the glass making industry with lime-based solutions for making container glass, float glass and fiberglass.

The 79th Conference on Glass Problems is co-organized by the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council and Alfred University, and is endorsed by The American Ceramic Society. The annual event is the largest glass manufacturing conference in North America and attracts glass manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to exchange innovations and solutions. The conference is organized into two days of technical education through expert lectures, panel discussions, and focused courses on topics, including glass melting, refractories, process control, emissions, and raw materials.

Carmeuse personnel will meet with customers and prospects at Booth 205 to better understand their processes and the problems they may be facing in the marketplace. Carmeuse Lime & Stone strives to provide effective solutions using limestone, high calcium and dolomitic lime products, which are essential ingredients for customer’s batch materials.


Carmeuse Lime & Stone is a leading manufacturer of lime and limestone and whose products are commonly used to benefit the environment by providing cleaner air, cleaner water and improved soil characteristics.& Carmeuse products are diversely utilized across a wide range of industries including steel manufacturing, power generation, road construction, land development, glass manufacturing, water and waste water treatment, pulp and paper production, and more. Staffed by up to 2,000 employees throughout 28 production facilities in Eastern US and Canada, with North America operations headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Carmeuse not only offers products, but also value-added services such as technical support, application support, and logistics support to optimize our customers processes.


Contact: Jodi Pitchok
Senior Strategic Market Manager
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