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Carmeuse in Canada Celebrates Earth Day 2019

The Beachville, Ontario location does a lot to help the environment and the local community throughout the year. In addition to housing endangered species of birds including Peregrine Falcons and Blue Herons, employees worked with the local community to plant trees with the help of local Girl Guides on Earth Day 2019.

On Monday, April 22, Carmeuse employees and a local troop of Girl Guides (ages 6-14) and their families planted about 200 trees in a rehabbed area of the Beachville quarry. A variety of maple, cherry, oak, dogwood, cedar, spruce and other tree species were chosen to be planted because they are native to that habitat, grow well in that type of soil and are resistant to deer.

Each of the Girl Guides earned a special patch for the tree-planting activity and were given green T-shirts with an environmental logo. The employees, Girl Guides and their families were then treated to a barbecue.

According to Carmeuse Area Quality Manager for Canada Ingrid Hengemuhle, “The tree planting at Beachville represents a functional beautification of our operation that will have a sustainable impact. It was important to us to bring the community together with our employees to accomplish something special on Earth Day.

Contact: Ingrid Hengemuhle
Area Quality Manager
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