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Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Recognizes Carmeuse Beachville for Generosity and Support of Aircraft Recovery Efforts

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The CHAA Aircraft Recovery Team (CHART), a nonprofit organization conducting deep dive aircraft recovery efforts to locate, preserve, restore aircraft wreckage in the Great Lakes, recognized and thanked Carmeuse Beachville for its generous support, donations and training efforts that have made CHART possible.

Carmeuse formed a partnership with CHART in 2014 allowing the nonprofit to conduct the necessary training required for safe and successful recovery dives. A part of the quarry was made available to the team as a location to practice their skills, test equipment and provide an environment that was conducive to CHART activities. In return, CHART has conducted testing, and provided video and valuable analysis of results for Carmeuse.

The partnership provided CHART with funding, allowing the organization to move ahead on their land reclamation policies, and to work with other partners to test and present results of developing technology.

Throughout the project, Carmeuse Beachville provided CHART with improvements to the research site by grading, expanding and maintaining roadways and constructing an area for boat-launch. The efforts of Carmeuse have allowed CHART to steadily move forward to fully restore its dive boat, and CHART has bigger plans in its future.

   Employees from Carmeuse's Beachville Operation
   pose with deep sea divers from CHART.


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