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Drinking Water Treatment

Lime products soften water by removing carbonate and non-carbonate hardness.  This purifies the water for consumption, provides better tasting water and allows soap products to lather readily.


In the softening process, lime products completely precipitate out, and can precipitate metals, non-metals, suspended solids and dissolved solids.  Lime softening has also been proven to disinfect water by removing pathogens and viruses by sorption and/or high pH, including cryptosporidium.

In treating drinking water, lime products have many attribute including the following:

  • adjusting pH to optimize drinking water treatment processes
  • acting as natural coagulants that aid in solids settling
  • ensuring pH and alkalinity are correct in order to optimize coagulation and flocculation solids removal
  • adding alkalinity and raising pH with membrane treatment and protecting distribution pipes from corrosion.

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