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Remediation of Soils, Industrial Sludge and Animal Waste

Lime treatment has several beneficial effects on soils and industrial sludge wastes that in turn provide benefits to other commercial sectors such as agriculture, landfill operations and land development.

First, soils and sludges are dried when treated with lime, resulting in improved handling and in some cases allowing soils and sludges to gain sufficient strength to allow machinery to drive and operate on them.

Secondly, soils and sludges are chemically changed to encapsulate and precipitate metals and non-metals, while simultaneously decreasing permeability and leaching. This treatment is called solidification and stabilization and is widely used in the environmental remediation industry to stabilize hazardous and non-hazardous waste for reuse or landfill.

Lastly, animal wastes can be treated with lime based products to prevent odors and kill pathogens, and to augment their value as an agricultural fertilizer. Lime based products can be also be used in concentrated feeding operations to sanitize animal quarters.

The CALSAFE Advantage

CALSAFE Lime Slurry is ready to use liquid lime formulated to adjust pH levels or add needed alkalinity to industrial sludge and animal waste. Its                                                                              role is to optimize coagulation and flocculation settling processes and                                                                                  neutralize bad odors.

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