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Flue Gas Treatment

Produced from high quality natural ores at 8 facilities in North America, Carmeuse’s milled limestone products are used in a variety of industrial applications offering affordable and versatile solutions including flue gas desulfruization.  

Chemical-grade milled limestone is slurried and sprayed in effluent stacks to de-sulfurize gas emissions from coal-fired electric power plants.  Limestone reacts with SOx to form calcium sulfate (synthetic gypsum).

Limestone Forced Oxidation (LSFO) FGT units utilize limestone that is either milled on site to a 90% passing 325 mesh size (44 micron) or purchased already milled by the limestone supplier and ready to be slurried.

For more information on Carmeuse’s full range of capabilities in FGD, click here.

Benefits of Milled Limestone in FGT:

  • Enables power industry to meet stringent regulatory requirements on emissions
  • Can be milled to exacting specifications
  • Cost-effective

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