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Glossary of Terms - Environment

Blanket Floc

The capacity of lime sludges to adhere to one another during settling, causing precipitates to sorb to suspended particles which effectively clarifies water and waste water. Blanket Floc also causes lime sludges to compact during settling, forcing water out of the floc for easy dewatering.



The final discharge from any industrial process.



The complete enclosure or coating of a waste in another material in such a way as to isolate it from external effects such as those of water or air.



A disposal facility where waste is placed in or on land.



The logarithm of the reciprocal of the hydrogen ion activity in aqueous solutions. A measure of the strength or intensity of a water's acidity or alkalinity. Water with a pH of 7.0 is neutral. A pH less than 7.0 indicates an acidic water, while a pH greater than 7.0 indicates an alkaline water.



Any solid or semisolid or liquid waste generated from a municipal, or industrial wastewater treatment plant, industrial process or any other such waste having similar characteristics and effect.



A mixture of water and any finely divided insoluble material (slaked lime, etc.) in suspension.



A process for converting a solid or liquid waste to a solidified product. Also a process in which materials are added to the waste to produce a solid. In the Solidification/Stabilization Industry, this process is usually monitored for completion by applying the "paint filter test" and engineering tests such as unconfined compressive strengths.



A process for treating a waste to minimize an undesirable attribute of that waste. In the Stabilization/Solidification Industry, typically the stabilization process is monitored for completion by applying leachate testing; Stabilization of biological wastes may infer the elimination of pathogens (or their minimization).


Suspended Solids

Solids that either float on the surface of or are in suspension in water, wastewater or other liquids and which are largely removed by settling or filtration.



Material that has no identifiable future use for which suitable disposal must be found. Wastes would include: inorganic solutions/solids/sludges, organic wastes, sewage sludge, animal wastes, waste contaminated soils, wastewater treatment sludge, complex mixtures, sludges from air pollution control facilities. Lime products are used to treat a myriad of wastes.

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