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Literature - FGT

Brochure: Proven Solutions for Power Generation

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Brochure: Proven Solutions for Portland Cement Production

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Brochure: Lime, Hydrated Lime, and Limestone Products for the Flue Gas Path; Supported by our Value Added Services

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 7, November 2013

  • Pozzotec: A better way to achieve zero liquid discharge
  • For acid gas removal, DSI spells relief
  • Just in time for the holidays--a new Carmeuse website

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 6, June 2013

  • Global Expertise, Customer Focus
  • With Optimum injection points, one reagent provides multi-pollutant control
  • Trials without Tribulation--Carmeuse Expertise Useful in Dry Sorbent Injection Trials
  • The Building Blocks of Success--Expansion projects answer market needs

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 5, October 2012

  • New Challenges Provide New Opportunities
  • Because it Works: Hydrated Lime--Sorbent of Choice
  • What about Fly-Ash? Hydrated Lime vs. Sodium-Based Sorbents
  • Load-out System Provides Speed and Efficiency

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 4, March 2012

  • Is Water the New AIr?
  • ESP and Calcium Reagents: Myth or Reality?
  • Coming Soon: Dry FGD Operator Training
  • Reviewing FGT options for MATS Compliance?

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 3, November 2011

  • Carmeuse "FGD DAYS" Events Expands FGD Knowledge in Romania and Balkans
  • Expertise in Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) Helps Keep Customers in Compliance
  • FGT Byproduct Options That Work to Your Advantage
  • New Pulverizer Serves Local Power Companies

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 2, June 2011

  • Indiana Facility Offers High Quality Pulverized Limestone Year Round
  • Wet FGD Operator Training--A Continuing Carmeuse Tradition
  • CL&S Offers Customers Expert Limestone Testing
  • Manganese Induced Scaling and Corrosion: Putting This Nuisance and Nemesis in its Place

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FGT News Bulletin, Vol. 1, June 2009

  • The MEL-FGD Process Provides a Boost for CO2 Capture Technologies
  • Welcome to our inaugural FGT News bulletin!
  • New MEL-FGD Oxidizer Design is more Efficient
  • Dry Hydrate Users Group has Successful Inaugural Meeting
  • Treatment of Coal Combustion Products with Lime: Landfill or Beneficial Reuse?

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Case Study: High Magnesium limestone proves to be a cost-effective solution with optimum SO2 removal in LSFO scrubber
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Presentation: Control of sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide using magnesium-enhanced lime
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Presentation: Performance and benefits of flue gas treatment using Thiosorbic®
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Technical Paper: Circulating fluidized bed-flue gas desulfurization technology evaluation
Courtesy of Sargent & Lundy
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Technical Paper: High-efficiency circulating fluid bed scrubber
Courtesy of Rolf Graf, Ph. D., Sebastian Zimmer
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Technical Paper: Use of a circulating fluid bed for flue gas desulfurization
John G. Toher, Lurgi-Lentjes N. America
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Technical Paper: Fly Ash Resistivity with Injected Reagents and Predicted impacts on electrostatic precipitators
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Technical Paper: Results of dry sorbent injection testing to reduce HCI
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Technical Paper: Wet flue gas desulfurization technology evaluation
Courtesy of Sargent & Lundy
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Technical Paper: Evaluation of wet FGD technologies to meet requirements for post CO2 removal of flue gas streams
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Technical Report: Hydrate Analysis Methods
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