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Flue Gas Treatment

Carmeuse has the reputation and recognition as a leader in the industry we have grown and developed strong alliances and relationships with the companies in FGT processes. We offer our customers applications that utilize lime and chemical grade limestone products that provide the lowest overall cost and significant savings.

In the power generation industry lime is used in:

  • Mag enhanced lime (MEL) for wet FGD scrubbing
    Processes include the wet high-calcium lime process and the magnesium-enhanced lime process. The MEL process has been utilized since 1974 and has undergone many improvements throughout the years.
  • Dry scrubbing
    Processes include spray dryer or semi-dry processes, and circulating fluid bed processes eliminating the need for wastewater treatment.
  • Dry sorbent injection (DSI)
    For many industrial and utility applications, dry sorbent injection DSI of hydrated lime offers impressive advantages over the wet or semi-dry FGD systems for controlling the emissions of SO2, HCL, HF, and SO3 at much lower capital cost.
  • Wet FGD scrubbing
    Flue gas from a high efficiency particulate collector flows to one of the following contact vessels:

    • Open spray tower
    • Tray tower
    • Jet bubbling reactor

    After the flue gas passes through one of the vessels it flows through mist eliminators that remove liquid by impingement enabling clean flue gas to flow to the atmosphere. 
    After reacting to remove SO2, the calcium sulfite slurry is forced oxidized to make by-product gypsum which is then utilized in the wallboard industry.

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