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Crushed Limestone for Construction

What keeps things from collapsing underneath us and around us?  Reliable footings, reliable base layers, reliable structures and reliable materials. Carmeuse Crushed Limestone Aggregate is an essential component in a broad variety of construction products and applications.

Crushed Limestone for Construction Uses

Carmeuse produces a variety of crushed limestone products at several locations for many construction uses including:

  • Portland cement concrete aggregate
  • Asphalt pavement (hot mix and warm mix) aggregate
  • Asphalt surface treatments
  • Road base
  • Structural fill
  • Railroad ballast
  • Rip rap
  • Drainage and erosion control

Limestone is mined at Carmeuse’s quarries and then crushed to the various sizes (gradations) used to produce aggregate meeting the specification requirements of ASTM, AASHTO and state Departments of Transportation.

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