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Virginia Operation Strasburg

1696 Oranda Road / P.O. Box 71
Strasburg, Virginia  22657

To Virginia Operation Strasburg

  • Quicklime (Calcium Oxide):
    High purity products manufactured for steel making, flue gas treatment, water treatment, and construction.
    • Calcium Hydroxide (powder) Ca(OH2) – HYDRATED LIME
    • High Calcium Quicklime - CaO
    • an economical lime product for remediation 


  • Chemical Grade Limestone:
    ​High purity limestone mined and sized for steel making, flue gas treatment and cement manufacturing. 
    • High Calcium (CaCO3) in varying size gradations

Contact for:
Quicklime – Chemical Grade Limestone:

Josie Zihmer
Phone- (866) 780-0974

  • Crushed Limestone Aggregate:
    A full range of State DOT approved aggregates for 
    • Base course
    • Ready mix concrete
    • Asphalt

Contact for:
Crushed Limestone Aggregate:
Laura L. Shifflett 
Phone- (540) 233-1147                

General Information:
Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm
(412) 995-5500

Supply Chain Support:
CSR (24x7)
Phone- (800) 445-3930


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