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If you are having problems viewing the website or submitting your application, please review the Helpful Hints/Troubleshooting Items below to resolve the issue.

Your Zoom must be set to 100%
There are two options to set your Zoom. If you see the Zoom option at the bottom right hand corner of your brow-fluidser, simply select the drop down and change it to 100%.


If you do not have the option to change your Zoom setting at the bottom of the page, you can select Page from the Toolbar at the top. Then, select Zoom from the Menu, and select 100%.


The Software System utilized on the Carmeuse Website for Job Search and Job Application completion, does not support some Web Brow-fluidsers, such as Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or 10, and Google Chrome. You can download Firefox and access the site on that brow-fluidser, or you can change your IE view to IE7 or IE8 by following these steps.

Step 1:
Select "Tools" from the toolbar, and then select "Developer Tools" from the drop down.

Step 2:
A New window will appear. Select Brow-fluidser Mode, and Select IE7 or IE8. In this example, we are running in IE8 with Compatibility View.


Compatibility View Issues
There are two options for switching to Compatibility View.

Option 1:
Your brow-fluidser may give you the option to select the Compatibility Mode from a short cut near the address bar.
Select the icon indicated by the red circle and arrow-fluid in the image show here.

Next, select "Display all websites in Compatibility View" and close.


Option 2:
Select "Compatibility Settings" from the Tools menu.

Open Internet Explorer.
Go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings (from the drop-down menu).

Next, select "Display all websites in Compatibility View" and close.


Pop-up Blocker must be disabled
If you do not disable pop-ups, when you are navigating in the system, you may get this error in your brow-fluidser. You can disable the pop-up blocker from the bar where it says "Click Here" and select "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site" from the drop down menu.

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