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Credit Application

If not a public company and no rating is available from one of the credit rating companies, most recent audited financials are required.

Name and Title of Owners or Officers
Credit References

By default, you can submit 3 credit references. If you want to submit more, use the drop down arrow to select quantity

Trade 1
Trade 2
Trade 3
Trade 4
Trade 5
Trade 6
Trade 7
Trade 8
Trade 9
Trade 10

The above information is offered as a basis for the extension of credit.  We hereby authorize you to contact our trade and bank references for credit information, as may be required by your firm. This information is confidential and for the use of Carmeuse NA, Carmeuse Lime, Carmeuse Lime & Stone Inc and its subsidiaries.  I / We the Applicant, agree to pay within the terms printed on invoices issued for goods and or services of Carmeuse Lime Inc., Carmeuse Lime & Stone Inc and its subsidiaries. If I/We the Applicant fails to pay according to said terms and Carmeuse incurs any collection costs to secure payment, I/We the Applicant agree to pay any and all collection costs.  Additionally, should litigation to recover payment of unpaid invoices be necessary, the Applicant agrees and acknowledges that suit shall be filed in the Court of Common Pleas of County of Allegheny, and that Carmeuse may recover all costs of suit, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. Failure to remit payment within terms could result in orders being placed on hold as well as a late payment charge of 1.5% percent per month on the unpaid past due balance.

By signing this application the Applicant is accepting the above conditions as a basis for granting credit.

Authorized Company Signer

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