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Who we are

We are a family of more than 3,950 people who share a passion for what appears, on the surface, to be a simple business: quarrying limestone and transforming it into a myriad of useful products for a growing world market.
But in our business, we know that what seems simple on the surface is often rich, challenging and rewarding the deeper you look.

A diverse family of professionals
On the surface, the Carmeuse workforce is a diverse, global group of professionals who operate from 90 locations in 25 countries across Europe, Turkey, North and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Look deeper and you will see that we come from many different hometowns and from all walks of life. We are plant operators, miners, engineers, scientists, accountants, managers and executives. We speak many different languages, but we hold common values: Responsibility. Respect for each other and for the environment. A passion for efficiency and a focus on Customers. And a long-term view of success that focuses on relationships and investing for tomorrow.

A team of creative problem solvers
We enjoy challenges — especially those presented today by our fast-changing markets. We are creative problem solvers who view innovation as the key to holding our lead in the marketplace.

These values are what make us a unique workplace, with unique relationships and personal rewards in addition to competitive wages and benefits. If you share these values, your skills and your own passion will help you build a unique and rewarding career at our company.


Cem Gercek

Process Manager
Pittsburgh, USA
With Carmeuse since 2002.

"No matter what we do, no matter how much money we save, we always consider safety first."


Mark Kirsch

Maintenance Supervisor
Millersville, USA
With Carmeuse since 1987.

"Work safe and be smart. We all gotta go home at the end of the day."

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