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Executive Management team

In North America, Carmeuse is led by a highly experienced and dedicated management team who help position the company as a leader in the industry, drive a strong spirit of service towards the customer, and stay the course to an always promising future.


Yves Willems
Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: Y.Willems@carmeusena.com

Jack Fahler
Chief Operating Officer

E-mail: J.Fahler@carmeusena.com

Jose Voisin
Group Chief Information Officer

E-mail: J.Voisin@carmeusena.com

Kevin Whyte
Senior Vice President, Safety, Environmental and Legal

E-mail: K.Whyte@carmeusena.com

Melissa Croll
Vice President, Human Resources

E-mail: M.Croll@carmeusena.com

Jeff Bittner
Vice President, Operations

E-mail: J.Bittner@carmeusena.com

Jonathan Bright
Vice President, Finance

E-mail: J.Bright@carmeusena.com


Alain Baert
Vice President, Engineering

E-mail: A.Baert@carmeusena.com

Phil Piggott
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

E-mail: P.Piggott@carmeusena.com

Eric Segal
Vice President, Supply Chain

E-mail: E.Segal@carmeusena.com

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